National Oil and Grease Seals -- Types and Applications


50,000:  These spring loaded seals are standard for most general applications, where fluids are to be retained.

10,000:  Spring loaded sealing member to retain fluids and felt auxiliary to exclude dust, etc.

20,000:  Spring loaded sealing member to retain fluids and opposed leather auxiliary to exclude dust.

30,000:  These seals, like the 20,000 series, are designed for fluid retention and dust and dirt exclusion.   The selection of either type is dependent on assembly problems.

 40,000:  Suitable for light sealing conditions or where space prohibits use of more efficient spring loaded types.

70,000:  Combination spring loaded opposed sealing members for retention of two fluids.

80,000:  External expansion type seals for press fit on shaft or hub to effect sealing at periphery of seal.

90,000:  Combination spring loaded sealing members in tandem - used in applications under a head of oil, or for heavy duty applications.