About Us

We have done about it all.

 It started as an interest in old cars.  And grew into a hobby with the first purchase of my first iron wheel Fordson tractor. That was fun rebuilding the old tractor, but it wasn't enough.  I bought a 1938 Ford Sedan that was more of a challenge.  Going to the swap meets and joining a local Ford V8 club opened the doors to a wide world of antique cars and trucks.

 I just had to buy a 1935 Woody (the deal was too good to pass up) and with it more swap meets and collecting.  Before I knew it I had 7 flat head V8's, body parts, and a shelf full of old Ford parts.  Well the hobby continued and as most people know it is easy to be consumed by this hobby.  And with that fever we ended up buying out a few sellers at swap meets, buying old auto part store inventory, private collectors odds and ends, factory lots, and on and on.  So finally I had to start clearing out my old barn because space was diminishing. 

I first started selling at the Portland, Oregon swap meet and other local venues. My customer list grew as did my inventory.  Over the years many old timers have retired and they were kind enough to make me more good deals. As the times have changed, we found an opportunity to centralize our inventory in a small warehouse, and began to sell parts seriously.  We looked for deals and had to move to a larger warehouse.  My current venture, and hopefully last, has been with eBay.  We have sold over 10,000 items on eBay.  The auctions were good for us to find out what people were looking for.  But the items we've listed are only a small sample of what we have to offer. 

Currently we have 10,000 square feet nearly full of old car parts.  The opportunities are out there and we have become full time with old car parts.  So shop and look for your parts here first.  Tell your friends and restoration businesses that we may have what you are looking for.  Engine top and bottom end parts, suspension, ignition, electronics, brakes clutches, mufflers, air conditioner pumps, wiper motors, electric window motors, turn signals switches, starters, water pumps, and so much more.